Indeelift Inclusion Body Myositis 2021 Program Information Page

This page describes the special program for returning some independence to those who suffer from Inclusion Body Myositis with the newly-developed HFL-400-FTS tool.

IndeeLift is committed to helping those in the IBM/Myositis community by offering a:

Deep discount on the HFL-400-FTS

The HFL-400-FTS List Price is $3495. Through this program, IndeeLift is offering a discount that includes free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. IndeeLift will deliver the HFL-400-FTS for $2850 USD and applicable taxes. (IndeeLift is a California company. CA sales tax will apply for CA residents, discounts do not apply to insurance-funded purchases. European distribution with slightly different terms.)

Ongoing financial support

Because IndeeLift is passionate about improving people’s lives, and is committed to working with the Myositis Community, for each machine sold in our community, IndeeLift will allocate $200 for Myositis Medical and Patient-Centered Research and Development.

IndeeLift will provide $1,000,000 to Myositis research for every 5,000 lifts utilized by our community. IndeeLift will commit an extra $1,000,000 when 20,000 HFL-FTS machines has been reached, raising the total committed to Myositis research to $5,000,000!

IndeeLift will begin shipping HFL-400-FTS units in early August 2021.

If you are in need of an IndeeLift HFL-400-FTS, and want to support the IBM community, click the link to submit your information to secure your place on the preorder list and/or to be notified as the units become available.


Thank you for coming!

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